Cardi B reacts to allegations of snubbing Ghanaian celebrities

Cardi B reacts to allegations of snubbing Ghanaian celebrities
Cardi B in Ghana

Cardi B reacts to allegations of snubbing Ghanaian celebrities.

Female American Rapper, Cardi B has apologized to Ghanaian celebrities over an outcry in Accra during her visit over the weekend.

Some Ghanaian celebrities on social media called out Cardi B for neglecting them during a meet-and-greet event in Accra.

Ghanaian media personality and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger on her Instagram page publicly called out Cardi B.

According to her, Cardi B didn’t regard them by eating Kebab and wasting their time.

Afia Schwarzenegger wrote

 “I will not wait 4 hrs for Jesus, won’t do that for Cardi B.

“The cheap so-called celebrities are still waiting for their fellow human being till 8:40 pm while madam is on some coke and kebab.”

Some of these comments got to Cardi B and she quickly sort to address the issue, apologizing for her unavailability.

Cardi B said she had no knowledge of a ‘Meet and Greet’ organized in Ghana, adding that she also had a stomach problem on arrival in Accra.

However, Cardi B stressed that it wasn’t her fault and chided those celebrities who came to the hotel and snubbed her.

Cardi B said:

“You all B**ches coming on social media saw me around the pool at the time of the meet and greet but was staring why didn’t you approach me and welcome me to Accra then make me aware of the meet and greet.

“I was not aware of the meet and greet. I came down to the poolside around 3 pm and checked my phone and saw all the comments and complaints.

“Later I had a running stomach. I get paid to do my sh!t and give a fu*k about my fans.

“I didn’t feel comfortable doing the shows but I did because I’m already here.”

Recall that Cardi B first visited Nigeria before leaving for Ghana for a meet and greet.


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