Health minister sacked, arrested for overpriced Ventilators

Health minister sacked, arrested for overpriced Ventilators. 

The news is making round that Bolivia’s health minister, Marcelo Navas was on Wednesday sacked and arrested over corruption charges related to the purchase of ventilators to fight coronavirus.

The Bolivia government spokeswoman, Isabel Fernandez reported that Marcelo Navas was sacked in order to prevent interference into the investigation of 170 Spanish ventilators with over-inflated prices.

Navas was immediately replaced by his deputy, Eidy Roca.

He and two other people under investigation have been arrested, police chief Ivan Rojas said, NAN reports.

Rojas disclosed that investigators would search Navas’ office, adding that the ventilators were reportedly vastly overpriced and found to be unsuitable for intensive care units.

As of Wednesday, the South American country has recorded about 4,500 CoronaVirus cases with about 190 deaths in the country.


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