Important Tips for Securing a Job Before You Arrive Canada

Important Tips for Securing a Job Before You Arrive Canada

Important Tips for Securing a Job Before You Arrive Canada.

This is top tips for securing a job before your arrival in Canada. There are various tips to follow in getting a job before arriving Canada.

Read carefully and get ready to take action before arrival Canada, you can secure a high paying job when you doing as instructed below.

The job search process in Canada is what really needs you to be there in person but you have to have a job prospect in mind before arriving the country.

You can follow the below tips to increase your chances of getting a job if you have already gotten your permanent residence status.

Use the Canadian Style for Your Resume and Cover Letter

The way you draft your resume and cover letter in your country is different from that of other countries of which Canada is not exempted. The Canadian resume style should be more than 2 pages which includes your relevant work experience and this experience should relate to the job you are applying which dates back to more than 10 years. You should ensure that your family information, salary and other personal details are not included in the resume. This is because the human rights in Canada protects you from disclosing any of your personal details to avoid being discriminated because of those.

Change Your Linkedln Account Location

You have to change your Linkedln account or profile to a Canadian one and ensure the account is up to date with your most current information. If you are to move to Canada because recruiters looking for candidates on Linkedln will consider local candidates first before considering any other. Also work on your grammar because poor grammar can make you appear below standard in English.

Join a Professional Immigrant Network

You have to join online local community groups like the immigrant led professional association. This association is led by professionals in your field of speciality. They are like the social networks of family and friends. This network helps you to get surrounded by professionals who understand your experience.

Locate A mentoring Program

This program matches you with professionals in Canada from a mentoring relationship. This partnership can help you build professional connections, help you gain labour insights etc.

Determine Your Needed Canadian Accreditation

You have to research on the extra accreditation you may need to successfully move into your career field in Canada. You might need to take extra lessons to authenticate your country of origin credentials. Ensure to avoid being disqualified because of your unrecognized international credentials. Note that the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials will enable you know what credentials you will need to practice in Canada.

Register For Free Pre-Arrival Government Programs

Register online for free programs offers by the government to aid you in getting a job faster. CanPrep’s employment specialist has said that you should not just access pre-arrival services but you should also be actively networking. You should engage in government-funded support programs as it will help you get better results of your job search strategies.

Consider Volunteer Work

This is the first way to gain experience when you get to the country. Select volunteer opportunities that are relevant to your career. Ensure to dedicate few hours to volunteer work and the rest for your job search. The experience you gain there can help you understand the Canadian work culture and technical skills.

All you needed to get a job before travelling to Canada is within your reach, you can explore other resources on the web.


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