Jude Okoye releases copy of contract between Cynthia Morgan and his record label

Jude Okoye releases copy of contract between Cynthia Morgan and his record label

Jude Okoye, the Nigerian Executive owner of NorthSide INC, has shared a copy of the contract between his record label NorthSide INC and Cynthia Morgan,  back in 2013.

The copy of the contract was sent to Tunde Ednut by Jude Okoye, in response to the allegations made against him by Cynthia Morgan.

Recall that the dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan allegedly said that she was not allowed to use her stage name and that  Jude Okoye seized her Instagram account, VEVO account after the end of the contract with Northside Records

However, In an Instagram live chat with instagram influencer, Tunde Ednut, Jude Okoye stated that he doesn’t have the right to take Cynthia Morgan’s name because it is her birth name and promised to release the copy of the contact Cynthia Morgan had with him just to clarify every allegations on him

He also explained that Cynthia Morgan, who has been free since 2017, changed her name to ‘Madrina’ while still signed to his record label.

Jude said he didn’t take over her Instagram account and Twitter account, but  he took over her VEVO account,as a means of recovering over N40m he spent on her.

 Jude Okoye however said that he paid Cynthia Morgan’s house rent, bought her a white Range Rover and even gave her money to buy a land for her mother in Benin.

Check out the contract below as signed by both parties in 2013.  The contract signed in October 2013, ran for 4 years and had a 2-year option renewal. It also had a 50-50 sharing formula.

Check out the copy of the contract below:


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