Tokemakinwa reacts to Derrick Jackson’s video

Tokemakinwa reacts to Derrick Jackson’s video .

The social media influencer and a relationship expert “Tokemakinwa” reacts as Derrick Jackson who is also a relationship Expert admits cheating on his wife Da’Naia Jackson with other women 

Tokemakinwa posted to her Instagram story the video of Derrick Jackson and his wife Da’Naia Jackson, Derrick Jackson admitting his infidelity in their marriage 

Derrick Jackson said that he was involved with other women outside his marriage with Da’Naia his wife and by saying involve with other women is not just hanging out or a date but involved in sexual affairs and some other stuff which is not in line with his martial vows and biblical standards he preaches about

Tokemakinwa said on her Instagram story with the video posted

“Not judging anyone cos we are all flawed but dear men ( man of God or not)”

She went further to say “pls Don’t drag your wife to an uncomfortable public apology, she wasn’t called when you were cheating , pls leave her out of your PR stunt. You can see the pain and how uncomfortable she feels


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