Louis and Jenny (Jelo) Evicted From Ultimate Love in Week 5

Louis and Jenny (Jelo) Evicted From Ultimate Love in Week 5

Louis and Jenny (Jelo) Evicted From Ultimate Love in Week 5.

Jelo was evicted during the live eviction show in week five after last week’s nomination series for possible checkout by fellow love guest in the fourth week of the ULTIMATE LOVE 2020 live reality show.

Ultimate Love 2019 Couple, Jelo has been evicted from the love pad in week 5 during the live eviction show with Dakore as the host.

Recall that Jelo, Roksie, Bolar, and Chivia were up for possible check out in week 5 of the show for having the highest nomination from fellow housemates during the Live Nomination show in week 4.

How Jelo was Nominated in Week 4

Below is the nomination process that checkout/eliminates Louis and Jenny (Jelo) from the ultimate love reality show.

  1. Arnold and Bolanle (BOLAR) – NominatedPRESHDAVID & CHIVIA
  2. Iyke and Theresa (IYKERESA) – Nominated BOLAR & ROKSIE
  3. David Wilson and Presh Talker (PRESHDAVID) – Nominated ROKSIE & BOLAR
  4. Loius and Jenny Koko (JELO) – Nominated – JAYKECH & ROKSIE
  5. Obichukwu and Ebiteinye (OBIEBI) – Nominated DOUBLECHRIS & BOLAR
  6. Jay and Nkechi (JAYKECH) – Nominated CHIVIA & BOLAR
  7. Kachi and Rosie (ROKSIE) – Nominated PRESHDAVID  & JELO
  8. Chris Ville and Chris (DOUBLECHRIS) – Nominated JELO & BOLAR
  9. Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia (CHIVIA) –  Nominated – BOLAR & ROKSIE

How the Nomination was Done in Week 4

  1. BOLAR  – 6
  2. ROKSIE – 4
  3. CHIVIA – 2
  6. JELO – 1
  7. JAYKECH – 1
  8. IYKERESA – 0
  9. OBIEBI – 0

Jelo was evicted from the Ultimate Love Show on Sunday, 15st March 2020, in week 4 of the 2020 series, which is getting hotter, and some couples are already leaving the show, and the show is becoming tense every single day as only one winning couple will emerge.

Drop your comment, if you’re satisfied or not with Jelo’s eviction from the Ultimate Love 2019 Live Show.


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