What Combination Of Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence (AI) Could Mean

What Combination Of Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence (AI) Could Mean
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My last article focused on the importance of Blockchain technology for the conventional industry. Still, this article explains in detail how the integration of Blockchain with Artificial Intelligent (AI) will pave the way for a new and intelligent world. Now let’s discuss what the intersection of Blockchain and emergent artificial intelligence can mean. For reasons of space and time, I am referring to blockchain technology. So what is the AI?

The artificial word means something unnatural, an entity or object created by man. For years, technology has provided us with exciting innovations grouped under this term. However, facilitating human activity is the unity and mission of technology, a technique that continually pursues this mission, moving to the next phase with innovations that support global development.

In addition to the Internet of Things, AI is another pioneer for all experts, enthusiasts, organizations, and companies in the technology sector. In simple explanations, AI means that human intelligence is integrated with artificial creation.

The idea that robot creations can be engineered to act think and function as humans brought up the idea of ​​simulating the process of human intelligence through machines called artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can also be called machine intelligence. It is the intelligence displayed by machines. In the application of artificial intelligence, it should be understood that artificial intelligence uses automation that consists of a system process (automatic) functioning without human intervention.

At the heart of artificial intelligence is machine learning, ie, the scientific ability of machines to identify and understand codes, strings, patterns, and symbols that relate to the environment. That means having computer work without programming. Artificial intelligence can be diverse: expert system, language learning, and processing, problem-solving, speech recognition, reasoning, perception, ability to move objects, knowledge representation, games, and competition, etc.

To perform these activities, the machine must live, observe, and see how things are happening in your environment, and begin to function as humans in that environment. With this awareness, the problems of myths, fictions, and illusions are read in books and seen in films such as Black Panther, Infinity Wars, and so forth. Come true.

The areas of application of AI concern almost all areas of everyday business life. First, cloud services like Google, Alibaba, Baidu, etc. Develop with the AI ​​integration trend. This is because AI generally collects and analyzes granular data to automatically assist companies and individuals involved in personal and community development projects.

For the education sector, reports have shown that growth in AI in the US education market will be 47.50% in 2017-2021. Students are expected to work in environments similar to those of AI. Given the growth reported, students should contact AI quickly. Also, AI will create an interactive global classroom that can collect educational data that can be used for class questions and answers. Artificial intelligence can also be adapted to the learning pace of each student to meet the needs of each student. It can be used to support tests, acquire and develop skills, etc.

For business, finance, and marketing, repeated tasks performed by people can be achieved by AI. You may also be responsible for the organization’s website and act as a customer service representative. The human brain cannot be measured at the same level when calculating large amounts of data with machines. Artificial intelligence can collect data and record financial activities. Other notable applications include law, public safety, health care, automated cars, online searching, fraud detection, manufacturing, etc.


So what does Blockchain and AI combine? We have carefully discussed what combination of AI (Artificial Intelligent) and Blockchain technology could mean.


According to the analysis, AI, although still in its infancy, could bring the world economy up to $ 15 trillion by 2030. According to Blockchain, Blockchain, a financial-revolutionist with CNBC, it will contribute more than $ 3.1 billion to the global economy. However, I think the Blockchain can do much more than this predicted value. But according to these predictions, bringing them together could bring global prosperity to unimaginable levels.

Since it is easier and quicker to open a blockchain wallet than a traditional bank account, the acceptance of AI will increase as this is minimal, not only for technicians but also for merchants.


Even when executing machine-to-machine transactions, belief is the key. Security is one of the critical advantages of Blockchain: AI built on a centralized platform consumes a lot of data. Sometimes the accuracy of this data needs to be double-checked. Naturally, the Blockchain will act as an additional layer of security for artificial intelligence, ensuring greater accessibility and participation, thus enabling machine-machine and human-machine operations to be safe and secure.


Because Blockchain is a digital sphere technology that stores coded data in a distributed book by consensus, this process is called extraction. Exploitation is, therefore, a complicated mathematical task that consumes an alarming amount of energy.

According to Digiconomist, mining’s annual energy consumption is estimated to be 73.12 TWh, enough to power more than 6 million households. Fortunately, artificial intelligence uses the knowledge base to make decisions, machines to adapt to these mining protocols, which speeds up mining and dramatically reduces energy consumption.


The Blockchain is based on an open-source principle and acts as a voting system to determine what will happen next. Artificial intelligence algorithms are centralized, created, and controlled by organizations and cloud services such as Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. With the Blockchain, Al is decentralized and democratized. AI engineers and developers can create blocks with which experts, traders, researchers, and even enthusiasts can come together to create an AI community. Participants have the opportunity to decide how the DAO will be executed. The Blockchain can also serve as a market where artificial intelligence algorithms can be exchanged.


AI should develop algorithms that can process data in encrypted form. So you can say that encryption is one of the similarities between AI ​​and Blockchain. Of course, day-to-day interactions with Internet services publish personal information that requires the most excellent protection, as it exposes individuals and businesses to risks. Artificial intelligence is fast Computers can handle Blockchain more and more intelligently.

Since the Blockchain divides the data into blocks, AI takes the lead instead of the human being. Thus, data confidentiality is ensured as human and organizational interventions are eliminated. Blockchain and IA become a single entity that not only prevents data from being stored in a single central repository but also consolidates them as a backup and establishes a unified experience feedback system. The combo is a decentralized and entirely secure database for the highly sensitive data they generate.


AIs are almost robots that must be understood by humans, ie, what they mean, what they do, and so on. Robots, too, in the first stage, will have to observe and perceive their environment. Thus, the Blockchain can act as a mediator of understanding. The data entered into the Blockchain can be divided into sections and automatically distributed to the required entity.

The current fear of critics and fans is that AI creates a danger to human existence. Workers’ groups are also concerned about possible mass unemployment as AI is integrated across all sectors. Amid these fears, AI and the chain will become the main drivers that will open and accelerate the pace of future technological innovation, introducing new paradigms and models in all sectors around the world. Some startups are already studying blockchain integration in AI and are having a huge success.

With artificial intelligent (AI) combined with Blockchain technology, the mainstream industry will be more productive with better output.


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