How to Resolve Invalid Channel on GOtv in 2021/2022

How to Resolve Invalid Channel on GOtv in 2021/2022

How to Resolve Invalid Channel on GOtv in 2021/2022.

Here is a quick solution to your GOtv invalid channel problem to watch your favourite show from the comfort of your home.

If you are having issue of invalid channel on your GOtv, here is a final solution to the problem of invalid channel to get channels to watch your favourite show.

You can watch your favourite live shows, series, sport news, local news, international news, movies, music , documentaries, cartoon, and lifestyle channels.

With GOtv you are sure of mind blowing entertainment daily as your subscribe to any plan of your choice.

How to Resolve Invalid Channel on GOtv 2021/2022

If you are having the issue of Invalid channel, here is a simple way to resolve it and get to watch your favourite show on different channels.

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote control
  2. Click on ADVANCE OPTIONS to move to the next stage
  3. Then click on INSTALLATION to access the Scam and Reset
  4. Click on RESET  to start your GOtv again
  5. Then follow up with the reset format by choosing YOUR COUNTRY, Antenna power OFF, and your GOtv is back. 

Make sure to stay connected to watch your favourite live reality TV show. If the channel is not showing, you have to RESCAN to get the GOtv channel you which to watch.

Make sure your GOtv is activated and you are subscribed to GOtv Max, GOtvJolli, or any other lower plans to be able to view any show within your paid plan.

Stay on the site for more tips on connecting your GOtv to watch your favourite TV show on this website.


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