How to Check GOtv Account Balance Online and SMS Code

How to Install the GOtv Decoder and Antenna.
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How to Check GOtv Account Balance Online and SMS Code.

This information is for GOtv package subscribers, and if you’re looking for ways to view your account balance, this information will help you. You can take a moment to read through. Be sure to give it a try right away and share your experience later with others from your social media pages.

Checking the balance on GOtv is much easier. You can check your balance by SMS or through the GOtv website online. Below are the procedures for verifying your GOtv balance using either method;

How to Check GOtv Balance Online

Checking GOtv balance online is a very simple process too; simply follow the steps written below to have it done;

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate and click on the menu icon
  3. Make sure to choose your country of residence
  4. From the list of the menu, click on eazy self service
  5. From the eazy self service list, navigate and click on my account to sign in
  6. Sign in with your IUC number and phone number. Your account details will be displayed.

How to Check GOtv Balance with SMS Code

To check GOtv balance using SMS code, please follow the steps as written below to have it done;

  1. You’re to navigate to your SMS menu on your phone to create one
  2. Type “BALANCE” leave a space followed by your IUC number or smart card number and then forward to 4688.
  3. You will get a response containing the details you seek.
  4. Hope you’ve found a solution to your problem.

If you may need further enquiry, you we meet with customer service agent of GOtv online through their social media official pages (Facebook, Twitter) to help you check the balance.

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